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An Idaho company dedicated to the development of safety and assistive products that give the Disabled community a new independence, while creating jobs for the Challenged.

Rick Williams Success Story

Rick is owner/operator of Williams Enterprises LLC He invented the MOBILIZRô out of a need for safety, support and control from his own wheelchair in order to run his welding business.

While in the Navy,  Rick was a Presidential Honor Guard and a Hull Technician (Welder). In the Honor Guard he performed the 21 gun salute at Arlington Cemetery  in Virginia. As a technician  he worked in damage control, maintenance, repair and fire fighting in Newport, RI. Rick was honorably discharged in 1983.

Prior  to  Rick's  accident  in 1985,  he was a ship fitter welder in Rhode Island building Coast Guard Cutters. Since his recovery, he majored in welding at Boise State University. Rick then started Williams Welding Co. A wheelchair repair and product development shop. Rick designed and fabricated all the jigs, fixtures, benches and tables, in order to make his shop wheelchair accessible.

Rick has been a very active person all of his life and is determined that his disability is not going to stop or even slow him down. For more diversity Rick's company is now Williams Enterprises LLC.

For all your wheelchair repairs and modifications contact Rick
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