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Torso Support System


The MOBILIZR is a unique patented safety device designed to give back support and assistance to wheelchair & scooter users and those who have to sit for prolong periods. Therefore increasing comfort and productivity.

The MOBILIZR™ provides security with flexibility. This allows two handed activities while safely leaning forward, to any degree.

The MOBILIZR  is very easy to hook up by yourself. It gives you the ability to reach to the floor and then provides your return to an upright position. (MAJOR cool if your paralyzed:)

The MOBILIZR™ requires no tools to install on any standard wheelchair  with  push  handles and has attachment kits for wheelchairs with no push handles.

The MOBILIZR easily adjust from a fully secured position, holding you tightly to the back of your wheelchair or to a relaxed position allowing you to safely lean all the way forward.

The MOBILIZR is made of 2" nylon  webbing for the support strap, an adjustable shoulder pad for comfort,, 2 adjustable chest pads for comfort, 1 adjustable locking restraint mechanism, left and right attachment kit, MOBILIZR.COM lapel pin and a Buck-Lip™ (combination of a buckle and a clip).
The Buck-Lip™ is made of stainless steel for durability, corrosion resistance and a lifetime warranty.

The MOBILIZR™ is a miracle in back support for active lifestyles, including sports, work, gardening, driving and everyday activities.....

Get Your Back, Back!

A Dream Come True!

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